Chad D.

Crew Leader

Chad is one of our Lead Wood Floor Crew Members and has been in the wood floor business for 10+ years. He brings to each wood floor project an eye for color and craft and a wealth of knowledge and experience. In addition to creating beautiful wood floors, Chad also has a talent for creating woodwork such as tables, furniture, and other projects. When he is not working on a wood project, he spends his time with his wife and his two daughters. He also enjoys time on the golf course or watching a baseball game.


Chance B.

Crew Member

Chance is one of our most thorough and detail-oriented Crew Members. He brings his unbeatable charisma and comradery to the WWFS team, as well as unbeatable knack for customer service that our clients frequently praise. Chance has a natural eye for design and is always willing to lend a hand wherever and whenever support is needed. He enjoys spending time with his wife and children when work ends each day. 


Cody L.

Crew Leader

Cody is one of our Crew Leads and has been in the wood floor business for over 2 years. He is natural leader who steps up whenever we need. When the workday ends, he still finds time and energy to visit the gym. He enjoys travel and is an avid KU football fan who attends almost every game in support of his brother-in-law! 


Dairry W.

Crew Member

Darry is one of our Crew Helpers and has been in the wood floor business for 3 + years. He is upbeat, not letting anything get him down. On his own time, he enjoys creating furniture and accents for his own home – he has many unique home projects. He can also be found outdoors participating in a number of sports or in front of a TV during football season watching the CHIEFS! 


Earin H.

Crew Leader

Earin is one of our Crew Leads and has years of experience in the construction business. He is a father to 2 grown daughters as well as a much-loved pit bull. He is also quite proud to be a grandfather to 3 spunky grand boys. When not working and being grandpa, he enjoys spending time riding his Harley and being outdoors.


Kevin M.

Crew Leader

Kevin is one of our Lead Wood Floor Crew Members and has been in the wood floor business for 18+ years. He can fabricate and create almost anything that your wood floor project may need and brings a wealth of experience to your project. When not working on a wood floor, he continues to create art with some tile installation or relaxes out on the lake on his fishing boat. He enjoys sports and is a proud Steeler fan.

Emmaleah S.

Emmaleah S.

Office Assistant

Emmaleah is our showroom and office assistant. Although she works part-time in the showroom, she accomplishes as much or more in those short hours as others in a full 40. Outside of her time with us, she braves the streets of Wichita teaching driver’s ed! At home, she enjoys time with her boyfriend and fluffy cats. She is a dynamite young lady with many varied and diverse interests including thrifting, embroidery, reading, music, and just being outdoors.