Hardwood, Luxury Vinyl Planks, Carpet, Tile, Countertops, and Cabinets

Prefinished Install

Prefinished hardwood flooring is already sanded, stained and finished right out of the box. There are no further steps to finish the floor after you install the boards. It’s ready to walk on! We have several selections to choose from, solid hardwood, engineered wood, and luxury vinyl planks.

Site Finished Install

The “old-fashioned” way to do hardwood flooring is to install unfinished flooring and then sand and stain it on-site. If you’re someone with a specific vision you’re trying to build, this could be your best bet. With on-site finishing, it’s more customizable.

Sand & Finish

Sanding and refinishing hardwood floors gives you the chance to completely restore old, damaged flooring. It also gives you the chance to change the color of your hardwood flooring with stain.

Screen & Coat

Screening and buffing are the same thing. They are synonyms for each other, and both mean that you “scuff up” or abrade the floor, and then you apply a coat of polyurethane for protection and sheen.  Screening is often called buffing, since the screening is done with a buffer.  Screening both smooths the floors a bit, and the abrasive action allows the polyurethane to adhere to the surface better.  The screen and recoat process can restore the glow of the floors and give them a refreshed look. 

Re-Coat System

Foot traffic, pet scratches, sunlight, routine maintenance and other damaging influences gradually reduce the overall gloss and appearance of a wood floors. Sometimes it’s not possible to refinish a hardwood floor by re-sanding.  We start by giving the floor a professional clean this helps get the residue of the remover off and give us a nice fresh, clean-looking appearance to the hardwood floor. Next we add a primer to create that hard surface to protect your floors. Last we apply two times a water based top coat to give your floors that beautiful finish it once had.

Professional Wood Floor Cleaning

The most effective way to keep your hardwood floors in top condition and protect your investment in them is to have them professionally cleaned. This will not only deep clean them to make them and your home healthier, but it will restore the natural beauty and add a shine that will help prevent future build up.

Tile Installation

We have a beautiful selection of tile from Emser Tile in the showroom as well as accounts with other local wholesalers. We work closely with two local and insured tile installation companies. If you already have your own installer, we will be happy to provide the tile for your project.

Carpet Installation

We have a nice selection of residential carpets and some commercials from Mohawk, Southwind, ShawMark, Milliken, and more. We work closely with a local and insured carpet installers who stand behind their work. Come see our selection today.

Granite | Quartz Intallation

We work closely with a local granite/quartz countertop installation company and have many granite and quartz samples in our showroom. If you are interested in a one-stop project selection and project manager, come into our showroom today to start making your selections.

Cabinet Installations

We work with a local custom cabinet maker and installer for gorgeous custom cabinets. We also carry a line of manufactured cabinets and color samples in our showroom. If you want to keep your existing cabinets and just change the color, we have a local painter. Our painter is also experienced with painting interior and exterior walls in your home, as well as trim. If you have a desire to change your ceiling texture and/or paint the ceiling, we are happy to have that done for you!

Hand Scraped Hardwood

Hand scraped flooring is a type of hardwood flooring that has extra definition and texture added the surface. The planks of flooring have been made the same way as any other hardwood flooring. Then the surface has been scraped, by hand. Hand scraped wood floors are a modern trend that can give a room old-time warmth and atmosphere