Products to Protect your Wood Floors

The biggest worry for Wood Floor owners is how to properly protect your floors from the daily abuse it receives from life.  Below you will find products we carry in order to keep your floors in the best shape they can possibly be.  Find your worry below and then see the solution we have for you!


WORRY:  My dogs are scratching my floors, or I am afraid my dogs will scratch my floors.
SOLUTION:  Soft Claws are soft plastic tips you may apply to your fur babies claws in order to protect your floors.  The size you need will depend on the size of your fur baby.  When you come in, please try to know the weight so we can be sure to have the appropriate size for you.



WORRY:  My furniture is scratching my floors and the felt pads I am purchasing, continually fall off of my furniture.
SOLUTION:  Flexi Felt is the solution to protecting your floors from your furniture.  We were tired of dealing with the felt falling off of all of our furniture, so that led us to the search for the perfect product and we couldn't have been happier when we finally found Flexi Felt.  Check out this youtube video to see just how amazing this product really is!